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Prices quoted is for plans as shown amendments or changes are charged on a per hour basis and quotations are available on request. Plans are compliant with Building Regulations at time of design which may require changes prior to release of drawings.

To preview the cost of a plan, select the required options below and click to calculate the cost. You may repeat the process as often as you wish. You can order your plans either online via credit card or by mail with an enclosed cheque. Simply fill out the order form below and accept the license terms. You will then be forwarded to our secure payments page. Complete your details and either submit it for electronic processing or print it out and post it with a completed cheque to the mailing address at the bottom of the form. Most plans are delivered within 10-15 working days. To order modifications to the standard plans or to customise them to suit your own needs, please give the office a call to discuss and we will email you a quote.

Each Plan Set contains: 2 sets of A1 sized Construction Plans, 2 Sets of A3 sized Planning Application Plans and a Standard Construction Specification. In addition, you can also purchase a cd-rom with your plans in PDF format, ideal for emailing to contractors, specifiers etc for quotes, only €60.

By purchasing these plans, it is hereby understood that these plans are supplied under a single use licence only and multiple use is strictly prohibited under these terms. The purchaser will adhere to all applicable copyright laws and it is the intention of John Morrisson Consulting Engineers Limited and the owner of same to pursue any and all breaches of said laws. It is understood by the purchaser that images and specifications contained within this website are for illustrative purposes only. While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy in compiling this information, John Morrisson Consulting Engineers Limited cannot be bound legally for any errors of measurement or misinterpretations of illustrations. John Morrisson Consulting Engineers Limited and the designers reserve the right to alter plans from that previewed in order to comply with building regulations where necessary.